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inspire > knowledge

March 6, 2015
Stop Carp Coalition • Infographic Knowledge is power for the Stop Carp movement: helping people to understand how harmful invasive carp could be to Minnesota, or what they could do to help, is key to bringing them on board. Our approach was to use eye-catching illustration to convey the danger

inspire > innovation

March 6, 2015
Dunwoody College • Anniversary Dunwoody’s innovation in the Minneapolis education scene has enabled generations of students to learn the skills demanded of them in today’s working world. To celebrate their 100th anniversary, we took advantage of Dunwoody’s latest technologies to

inspire > sustainability

March 6, 2015
Raw Bistro Pet Fare • Packaging Raw Bistro Pet Fare not only takes great care to provide dogs with premium raw pet food, but they also make a conscious effort to be a sustainable company. Made right here in Minnesota, Raw Bistro believes in the importance of local, organic, free-range and

inspire > independence

March 6, 2015
People Incorporated • Annual Report People Incorporated Mental Health Services empowers individuals with mental illness to live independently with the support of People Incorporated’s community-based programs. Providing that support is only part of the battle, however—public perceptions about

inspire > prosperity

March 6, 2015
Qnity • QBag Qnity’s mission is to educate people working in the hair and beauty salon industry how to lead more prosperous lives by earning more money, doing what they love, and having a life. Qnity, now partnered with Aveda, gives each program participant a suite of materials and tools,

inspire > skill

March 6, 2015
Dunwoody College • Annual Fund Dunwoody College of Technology prides itself on staying current with cutting-edge technologies so that its students are well-prepared with the skills they need in today’s workforce. As part of their Annual fund campaign, “Making the Future,” we used 3D