Switchel-ing It Up

By ThinkDesign Group 6 years ago
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Launched in 2015, Superior Switchel is a product of passion. Founder Melina, a former college hockey player, discovered switchel as a means to replenish and rehydrate after a night on the ice. She wanted to share this amazing beverage and had been personally brewing, bottling, distributing and promoting it. Having hit the ceiling of how much the brand could grow it was time to outsource the brewing and bottling, and a rebrand.

ThinkDesign Group was thrilled to be entrusted with this rebranding project. Discovering the benefits of this healthy, hydrating beverage called switchel and the founding story led to a focus on Superior being Lake Superior—the greatest of Great Lakes. The brand was redesigned around the lake, water and spirit of Minnesota. With a new bottle, refined formula and wider distribution Superior Switchel’s ready for success.


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