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The Kresge Foundation 2008 Annual Report: Response for a world turned on its head

July 22, 2010
The objective of the Kresge Foundation’s 2008 annual report was to address the vertigo of the current economic situation while conveying the foundation’s sense of confidence—and yet to do so without arrogance. The annual report became the foundation’s “response for a world turned on

Indigo: The Value of Definition

July 19, 2010
Quite ordinary at first glance, the former Sig-Tec Corporation was a diamond in the rough. Branding the company’s exceptional potential as a leader in identity authentication and access-management software was an exercise in extricating technical brilliance. We began with an illuminating new

The Kresge Foundation 2007 Annual Report: The Dotted Line

February 8, 2010
When something is just starting to take form, we delineate it with dotted lines. Dotted lines show us where to fold, where to drive our cars—giving us direction without dictating our path. Dotted lines make the connections between people and ideas. Best of all, dotted lines are not rigid

The Kresge Foundation 2006 Annual Report: Bricks and Mortar

February 2, 2010
The 2006 Annual Report was designed to signal that changes at the Kresge Foundation were coming with regard to how they determine the distribution of grants to nonprofit organizations. The brick represents the long history of funding “bricks and mortar” projects with support related to capital