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American Cancer Society: I Have a Story

November 15, 2010
The Midwest Division of the American Cancer Society asked ThinkDesign to develop a new collateral package for the Society’s Midwest Hope Lodges. The goal of this new capital campaign was to put the focus on the personal—the individual donor—and how a gift can touch many people by tackling
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It’s Minnesota Election Recount Season!

November 5, 2010
Well, it looks like the State of Minnesota may be headed toward another costly and time-consuming recount. The Governor’s race this year has less than 9,000 votes separating the two major candidates,  resulting in a possible mandatory recount. It’s worth mentioning that no Minnesota
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People Incorporated A Fresh, New Web Presence

September 30, 2010
People Incorporated is a nonprofit working to secure independence for people with mental illness in the Twin Cities metro. In just two years, we have upgraded their identity and redesigned nearly every point of contact that People Incorporated has with its donors and the public, including annual
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The American Swedish Institute 2008-09 Annual Report: Handwork

August 20, 2010
Sweden is known for its strong craft traditions, both old and new. The American Swedish Institute’s annual report develops the idea metaphorically, using tradition to speak about how the ASI is a piece of art, shaped by the hands of individuals through the past, present, and future. Discussions
Annual Reports Award-Winning Nonprofit Print

People Incorporated 2009 Annual Report: We’d be crazy if we didn’t.

August 19, 2010
  Can a nonprofit that helps people with mental illness use the word “crazy” in its annual report? Yes. The point is that we use words like “crazy” or “nuts” in everyday language, but clam up when it comes to talking about mental illness. This concept turns “crazy” on its head

Lutheran Community Foundation 2009 Annual Report: Balancing Acts

July 22, 2010
Keeping one’s balance in the face of a multitude of pressures requires skill, focus, and a sense of ultimate purpose. In a broader sense, balance is about harmony and being in the right place physically, spiritually and emotionally. Lutheran Community Foundation brought all of these qualities