The American Swedish Institute 2008-09 Annual Report: Handwork

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Sweden is known for its strong craft traditions, both old and new. The American Swedish Institute’s annual report develops the idea metaphorically, using tradition to speak about how the ASI is a piece of art, shaped by the hands of individuals through the past, present, and future. Discussions of the ASI’s future and exciting things to come are anchored in Swedish or Swedish American traditions. A modern spin on this traditional idea.

This concept was inspired by the ASI’s Bohus knitwear exhibit, although the cover was developed from another exhibit at ASI, “Fit for a Queen,” a collection of dresses worn by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The concept builds from a reference to the 100th anniversary of the Turnblad mansion and takes a look forward to the construction of a new ASI building. The copy emphasizes the role that individual members play in shaping the ASI of tomorrow, encouraging people to get involved and provide the support the ASI will need to move on to the next chapter in its history and remain a vibrant community.

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