Headwaters Foundation for Justice

By ThinkDesign Group 8 years ago
Headwaters Foundation for Justice detail

Headwaters Foundation for Justice brings the community together to catalyze social, racial, economic, and environmental justice. Building on two of their brand words—“bold” and “tenancious”—we created a brand identity, donor and grantee communications, and special-event marketing that made Headwaters’ voice for change loud and clear.


Headwaters Foundation for Justice logo/ business card

Headwaters Stationary

Social Justice Primer

Annual Reports

Goosing the Truth: Helped Headwaters convey a strong message about how facts can hide the reality of injustice.

Obstructed View: A short cover and translucent paper create obstructions to the copy, reflecting how barriers keep equality out of reach for many.

Crowding Out Injustice: Typography says it all—leaving room only for justice.


Walk for Justice: Evoking prominent historical campaigners for justice inspired participation in this fundraising event.

Walk for Justice collateral

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