People Incorporated

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People Incorporated Mental Health Services grew exponentially in recent years, but was little known outside of health-care circles. Our identity redesign—with logo and color palette, bold type treatment, client quotes, and artwork from their Artability art show—helped them stand out from other organizations with an brand that conveys their organizational optimism and innovation in promoting independence for people with mental illness.


People Incorporated Logo



Recruitment Brand

I’m a People Person


Annual Reports

Crazy: A bold use of language to talk about the innovative ways People Incorporated helps people with mental illness live independently in the community.

Look at it This Way: Designed to raise awareness for a critical funding issue at the legislature, this report used real people and real data to illustrate how vitally important People Incorporated’s services are for the entire community.

The Black Dog: Winston Churchill famously described his depression as his “black dog”—a concept we developed to show the impact of stigma on those with mental illness and how People Incorporated’s services help people thrive.

Changing Minds: Built around real people and their stories, the concept challenges public perceptions about people with mental illness and shows how we can best help them as a community.

Appeal Mailer


Artability Poster 2012

Artability Eye to Eye

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