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By ThinkDesign Group 10 years ago
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Creating the food issue

It’s not often we get to work directly with food here at ThinkDesign Group, so we had a ball concepting and creating the cover for the food issue of Contexts, a quarterly publication of the American Sociological Association.

Before we got our hands messy, we considered how to best connect the cover with the magazine content. The food issue addresses the subject of food in a social context from many different viewpoints, spanning the range of angles from the economic and historical to the trendy and global.

The challenge was to find a way to represent so many different perspectives—and spices were the perfect medium. They are timeless, stateless, and come in a seemingly endless variety. Even better, they allowed us to flex our typographic muscle.

From concept to photograph, the process itself can be likened to the making of an old family recipe—trial and error, the tweaking of ingredients, a little mess-making, satisfying, and serving many. Bon appétit!





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