Almost 100—Helping Dunwoody with the Right Tools for the Job

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Dunwoody Almost 100

Last year we had the opportunity to design the Dunwoody College of Technology 2013-2014 Annual Fund campaign materials—which was a fun challenge, since Dunwoody was gearing up to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2014.

Dunwoody is a well-respected fixture in the Minneapolis education scene, providing generations of students with highly valuable skills and practical, hands-on training for careers in a variety of industries. Our goal was to highlight the unique education Dunwoody offers and create a unifying concept that would excite donors and rally them to support the fundraising campaign.

Our concept focused on Dunwoody’s ability to stay relevant to the ever-changing needs of industry. Dunwoody technicians machine-tooled our “100” design into steel using the latest technology. This, together with historical images from aircraft maintenance during the First World War and bakery courses in the 1960s, told the story.

Congratulations to Dunwoody on its 100th anniversary on December 14th, 2014—we’re proud to be part of the celebration!




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