Project for Pride in Living

By ThinkDesign Group 4 years ago
Interior Shot of Project for Pride in Living Annual Report

Project for Pride in Living, a Minnesota-based non-profit, builds the hope, assets, and self-reliance
of individuals and families who have lower incomes by providing transformative affordable housing
and career readiness services. Project for Pride in Living approached ThinkDesign Group to design their 2018 annual report, to stand out from the crowd while honoring their donors and keeping their mission front and center. The concept “All in a Name” accomplished both goals by exploring how every word in Project for Pride in Living’s name supports their objectives. This is reflected in the format of the report—the front and back covers are gatefolds that examine the importance of the phrases “for Pride” and “in Living”, while an interior booklet covers the more extensive “Project”—the who and how they do the work. A digital version was also made using an electronic magazine flipper, visible here.

Final Report


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