A ThinkGift Tradition: 15 Years

By ThinkDesign Group 13 years ago
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Fifteen Years And Counting

ThinkDesign Group turned fifteen in 2010! It’s pretty incredible to think that we’ve been around as long as eBay, the DVD, and the Starbucks Frappuccino. This whole time we’ve been busy unfolding bold ideas, outstanding brands, and clever solutions for great clients. We’ve also had an annual presence with our signature ThinkGift tags, delivered right around this time of year to your mailbox. In celebration of our past and future, we’ve decided to wrap up our ThinkGift tradition  this year with one last hoorah. You’ll have to stay tuned for what’s next.

In the meantime, we’ve assembled a ThinkGift retrospective for you to explore. You can even purchase your favorite ThinkGift tags from the past. In fact, please do, because we’ll take the proceeds and add them to our gift to kids-with-cameras.org — a nonprofit that teaches the art of photography to empower marginalized children in communities worldwide. You can give a little and we can give a lot in your honor.

We’ve got limited quantities of select tags available, so jump to it!

Select your favorites here:



1996 THinkDesign Group gift tagIMG_3891_cIMG_3940_cIMG_3966_c IMG_3959_C


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