Kresge Foundation

By ThinkDesign Group 8 years ago

Our work with the Kresge Foundation—one of the largest national foundations—began with an annual report that would announce a major change of focus in their charitable giving. Over the years, we worked with them to bring clarity and currency to their message by finding unexpected ways to tell their story.

Annual Reports

Brick: Signaled the foundation’s change from funding building projects to projects that build stronger communities.

The Dotted Line: Demonstrates Kresge’s role in making connections—between people and ideas, the past and future—while remaining nimble and flexible.

The World on its Head: Kresge’s response to the financial recession showed how their grantmaking will help to reduce its impact.

Question: Developing innovative solutions to seemingly intractable social problems can begin by asking big questions.

Today &: Kresge’s role as a connector brings together unexpected partners and groups to make stronger communities, as seen in Detroit’s revitalization.

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