Otto Bremer Foundation A thoughtful brand refresh

By ThinkDesign Group 11 years ago
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ThinkDesign has been hard at work on the launch of a brand new identity for the Otto Bremer Foundation—a foundation rooted in and committed to the communities that are homes and neighbors to Bremer banks—79 communities located in Minnesota, North Dakota and western Wisconsin. The foundation was created in 1944 by Bremer Bank founder Otto Bremer and, today, owns 92% of Bremer Bank.

The Foundation funds a variety of work while giving highest priority to opportunities with the potential to move a community forward in meaningful, powerful and broad-based ways. With this in mind, ThinkDesign developed a brand to express the forward-reaching work of the foundation, while recognizing the spirit of it’s founder. Otto Bremer’s signature, the same signature that funded efforts to build communities during the Great Depression, became the foundation for the brand.

The new identity brings a new level of cohesion to the Otto Bremer Foundation that has a firm focus on the future while never losing it’s connection to the past. The rebrand includes the new logo, a stationery system, and was launched with it’s 2012 Annual Report and Grantmaking Guide, a website, and more.

OBF_stationery008_web OBF_stationery035_web OB_webHOMEscreenCAP

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