The Most Advanced Grid Generator

A Versatile Grid System

Mobius Grid Generator allows you to deeply customize the grid layout. The possibilities are really unlimited… A dedicated reorder plugin was created in order to facilitate the element order/size in the grid.

  • 4 different sizes
  • 2 different styles for portfolio and blog
  • Adjustable gutter width
  • Grid layout and Masonry Layout
  • Horizontal/Vertical layout grid
  • Custom Number of element in the grid
  • Custom reorder of each element
  • One page setting for all elements
  • Ajax or pagination grid system
  • Ajustable aspect ratio of element
  • Touch device compatibility
  • Multi instance
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Different Styles

American Refugee

July 27, 2020


Reflex Medical

October 21, 2019


Project for Pride in Living

September 10, 2019



June 20, 2018



May 31, 2018


Superior Switchel

March 29, 2018


Custom Aspect Ratio

The Kresge Foundation 2006 Annual Report: Bricks and Mortar

February 2, 2010
The 2006 Annual Report was designed to signal that changes at the Kresge Foundation were coming with regard to how they determine the distribution of grants to nonprofit organizations. The brick represents the long history of funding “bricks and mortar” projects with support related to capital campaigns. Opening the “brick” reveals the changes that are happening in that approach. To make the annual report look like a brick it was critical to have all sides of the exterior be “brick”. This simple detail proved to be the biggest production challenge because technology—outside the book publishing world—does not exist to print color along the edges of a report. The printer found a creative out-of-the-box solution—working with an airbursh artist to add the edge color and texture.  

The Kresge Foundation 2007 Annual Report: The Dotted Line

February 8, 2010
When something is just starting to take form, we delineate it with dotted lines. Dotted lines show us where to fold, where to drive our cars—giving us direction without dictating our path. Dotted lines make the connections between people and ideas. Best of all, dotted lines are not rigid (that’s why they’re dotted). The notion of the dotted line giving shape, providing direction, and creating connections was our visual concept. We used laser-cut dotted images to exemplify the Kresge Foundation’s new strategic direction, its willingness to be less rigid in grantmaking, and to be more flexible and adaptable to changing community needs.

Indigo: The Value of Definition

July 19, 2010
Quite ordinary at first glance, the former Sig-Tec Corporation was a diamond in the rough. Branding the company’s exceptional potential as a leader in identity authentication and access-management software was an exercise in extricating technical brilliance. We began with an illuminating new name, Indigo Identityware, and we perfected a logo—a fingerprint symbolizing their ultra-safe and ultra-fast, one-touch security recognition and access. Our final touch was to use focused, non-technical messaging that engages both the investor and end user alike. In a speedy six months, we polished an entrepreneur’s hidden treasure into a successful tradeshow debut.  

The Kresge Foundation 2008 Annual Report: Response for a world turned on its head

July 22, 2010
The objective of the Kresge Foundation’s 2008 annual report was to address the vertigo of the current economic situation while conveying the foundation’s sense of confidence—and yet to do so without arrogance. The annual report became the foundation’s “response for a world turned on its head,” reassuring its grantee groups and the nonprofit community that they’re sticking with them through these tough economic times—addressing short-term needs while remaining committed to long-term goals.

Lutheran Community Foundation 2009 Annual Report: Balancing Acts

July 22, 2010
Keeping one’s balance in the face of a multitude of pressures requires skill, focus, and a sense of ultimate purpose. In a broader sense, balance is about harmony and being in the right place physically, spiritually and emotionally. Lutheran Community Foundation brought all of these qualities into play to do well in what was a difficult year, not only balancing the books but making profitable investments. This concept builds on the previous year’s “centered” stance, morphing in 2009 into a more clearly defined LCF position—that of being well-balanced in order to carry out its mission today and in the future.  
Annual Reports Award-Winning Nonprofit Print

People Incorporated 2009 Annual Report: We’d be crazy if we didn’t.

August 19, 2010
  Can a nonprofit that helps people with mental illness use the word “crazy” in its annual report? Yes. The point is that we use words like “crazy” or “nuts” in everyday language, but clam up when it comes to talking about mental illness. This concept turns “crazy” on its head by stating that it’s crazy that we don’t talk about mental illness, especially when there are lots of great solutions to help those suffering from it live independently in the community. This hard-hitting concept made donors sit up and take note during tough economic times, and conveyed People Incorporated’s innovative approach to creating services and programs for people afflicted with mental illness.
Annual Reports Award-Winning Nonprofit Print

The American Swedish Institute 2008-09 Annual Report: Handwork

August 20, 2010
Sweden is known for its strong craft traditions, both old and new. The American Swedish Institute’s annual report develops the idea metaphorically, using tradition to speak about how the ASI is a piece of art, shaped by the hands of individuals through the past, present, and future. Discussions of the ASI’s future and exciting things to come are anchored in Swedish or Swedish American traditions. A modern spin on this traditional idea. This concept was inspired by the ASI’s Bohus knitwear exhibit, although the cover was developed from another exhibit at ASI, “Fit for a Queen,” a collection of dresses worn by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The concept builds from a reference to the 100th anniversary of the Turnblad mansion and takes a look forward to the construction of a new ASI building. The copy emphasizes the role that individual members play in shaping the ASI of tomorrow, encouraging people to get involved and provide the support the ASI will need to move on to the next chapter in its history and remain a vibrant community.